Synesthesia is a new series of painted canvas and collage works from artist, Spenceroni. Using abstraction, colour and pattern, the works explore the neurological phenomena of Synesthesia in which one sensory pathway gets crossed with another. Using cut paper as the basis of compositions, Spenceroni creates warped visions of the world around him, remixing it to present an alternative perception of reality.


Friday March 4th 6-9pm (Add to your calendar)

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195 Argyle Street
Fitzroy, 3065


Catalogue of works avaiable to download at the button below. Please email for Pre-sales of works.

Artist Statement

I'm fascinated by the world of science and the power of the brain to shape our perceptions of reality. When I discovered the concept of synesthesia I was fascinated by the idea of senses getting crossed and how this could present a reality that is different but still very truthful on a personal level.

In this exhibition I’ve focussed on Sight, looking at how the subelements of this sense (shape, colour, pattern recognition) may become warped and crossed. As the basis of my process for this exhibition, I have been closely observing the world around me, abstracting and remixing my sense of sight to produce a series of cut paper collage studies. The resulting compositions are translated into larger paintings on canvas and larger mixed media collages presenting my new reality to the world.


Plant Pattern Collage Workshop

In conjunction with the Synesthesia exhibition, Spenceroni will be running a creative play workshop on Thursday March 3rd at Work-Shop. Open to all ages and skill levels, the workshop is a chance to interact with the artist, learning more about the process behind the works and creating some of your own colourful, pattern filled collages to take home. A bangin’ playlist, some drinks and snacks and all materials provided mean you just need to rock up and have a fun night of making, creating and play!

Gold coin donation beverages available on the night.

Thurs March 3rd 6.30pm - 9pm

For details and tickets visit: