Debbie Millman

On failure, money and being busy. 

This Creative Mornings talk by Debbie Millman really sums up some of my thoughts about being successful and following the career path of your choice. Being at the start of my career I keep these points in my mind constantly as I think they are very important to fulfilling your dreams and having the life that you want to live. 

Don’t be scared of failure. Most of the time you will fail. Keep trying and persisting. Don’t compromise. Especially as a young person early in your career without kids/mortgage/responsibility now is the perfect time to take some risks and do something great with your life. 

Money is never about money. The first thing I learnt from my Entrepreneurial business class at university is there is always money available. If you have a great idea, are passionate about it and can sell that idea to people they will give you money to make it happen. With clients, If a client or someone declines a project over money it means you haven’t made it desirable enough for them to want or sold the concept to them. 

Being busy is not an excuse. Busy is a way of organising your priorities. We use being busy or thinking that we are busy as an excuse not to do something we that we really want to do. If you are not doing something that you really want to do you don’t really want to do it. If you really want to do something you will find the time. 

Anyway if you have time watch the video as Debbie covers lots of other great points about things she wishes she had known when she graduated and which young and established designers alike should take note of.