Mike Monteiro

This post is a shoutout to Mike Monteiro (aka @mike_ftw) from Mule Design in SF for helping me become a better designer and a run a better design business. If you haven’t seen, heard or read any of his stuff then check out it out as it is hilarious, incredibly engaging and super informative.

First up check out Mike Monteiro and Katie Gillums awesome podcast Lets Make Mistakes which I have been listening to every morning on the tram to work.

Next be sure to watch his Creative Mornings talk above (F**K you pay me) and his recent TypoSF talk: What Clients Don’t Know (… And Why It’s Your Fault)

Lastly go right now and buy a copy of his recent book Design is a Job as it is a must read for any designer and has given me some great tips on working with clients and most importantly getting paid!  

So thankyou Mike for all the time you have put into this content and for helping the design industry become better as a whole.