Interbeing Wall Painting. Brunswick Street Gallery

As part of an initiative by Brunswick Street Gallery, I was given their foyer space for 3 months and assistance to produce a new work.  Inspired by buddhist philosophy, I created a 3D relief wall painting that engulfs the viewer, creating a space of quiet and contemplation upon entering the gallery from the street

Painted April 2018



Artist Statement
This wall painting is part of a series inspired by my meditation practice, using simple forms and the language of abstraction to represent ideas central to buddhist philosophy. In particular this piece explores the No-Self doctrine and dependent origination, in which everything in reality is seen as existing in a complex net of relationships and interactions.

Drawing on these ideas I use simple abstract shapes as a starting point, creating compositions with intricate relationships between form and colour. To create the pieces I use cut paper and let my intuition guide me, selecting colours, carving out forms and arranging the compositions until there is a balance between tension and harmony.

The final piece exists as an object of contemplation for the viewer, evidence in itself of the complex web of relationships in my own life that have culminated in this artwork.