Hello Play 2015

Hello Play was an exhibition held by Spenceroni in July 2015  celebrating all things Play.  Encompassing painting, print, sculpture and more, the work was experimental, colourful, sometimes nonsensical and mostly just fun. Along side exhibited work was interactive elements such as the Selfie Wall and Smile Wall designed to invite viewers to play and reconnect with their childlike selves. Running over 2 weeks, the exhibition attracted over 1000 passers by to come, view the works and take part in the play.

Artist Statement

Play is a theme that has emerged in my life and creative work over the last 7 years, since I first began studying in college. As children growing up, play is a large part of our lives, but as we grow older we begin to move away from play, seeing it as frivolous and a waste of time. To me this is one of the saddest parts of growing up as I believe play is a powerful force that can help us be creative, grow and enjoy life.

I’m interested in how we can reintroduce play back into our lives and the role free play can hold as part of the creative process. In forming this body of work I used play not only as the subject but as the process, allowing myself to experiment, play and explore unfamiliar mediums and techniques. I found this process to be quite liberating, leading to unexpected outcomes, fresh ideas and a body of work that evokes the spirit of play.

For more info watch myCreative Mornings talk on the crossover of Work and Play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj0sfegt6iU

Photos by Mark Lobo